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03 Jun 2019

This Month at Villano | MD: June

We Are Growing ! Welcome to Villano | MD Shania ! We are growing and excited to introduce you to Shania Baxter.  Shania is a “results driven” Certified Advanced Aesthetician as well as a Certified Laser Technician.  She is passionate about all things aesthetics! To welcome Shania to the practice and allow her the opportunity […]

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01 May 2019

This Month at Villano | MD: May

Embrace Spring … Let’s stretch and get your hands back up in the air  !!! Are you tired of worrying about underarm sweat and underarm odor? Are you interested in keeping your clothes free of sweat stains? Do you want to eliminate the toxins and harsh chemicals found in most antiperspirants? Overactive sweat glands in […]

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04 Apr 2019
Skincare Bend Oregon

This Month at Villano | MD: April

Guess What? Swim suit season is just around the corner  !!! Did you know your Coolsculpting results are visible in as early as 30 days, & you could continue seeing results for up to 90 plus days ?! Let’s not waste another day! Join Kris or Sharon and get started on your own personal Coolsculpting […]

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05 Mar 2019
villano neck lift

This Month at Villano | MD: March

Coolsculpting … Get rid of the fat once & for all  !!! WHO’s IN?  Do something for yourself this month! We know you have been struggling.  You have done everything you have been told to do: eat less, work out more.  Still, no results.  Would you like to allow a results driven treatment to step […]

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07 Feb 2019
reconstructive surgeon

This Month at Villano | MD: February

Elevate Your Skincare With The Power Of Science Are you ready for your skincare to do what you want it to do? Would you like to sit down with the expert, tell them what you desire and allow them to walk you through the process to achieve the results? Join us February 13th 9-4pm. Individual […]

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31 Dec 2018

This Month at Villano | MD: January

Are you ready to look 10 years younger? Do you know you have options? Welcome to 2019… the year of “YOU” We are excited to announce that we have managed to convince Dr. Villano to step out of the surgical theater and share with us what options are available to us! On January 24th, 2019 […]

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28 Nov 2018

This Month at Villano | MD: December

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat-freezing procedure that uses “controlled cooling” to help eliminate stubborn fat that resist diet and exercise. According to Coolsculpting, “the results are proven, noticeable, and lasting — so you’ll look great from every angle.” Our specialists at Villano MD have undergone in-depth training, and we perform Coolsculpting in our medical office […]

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01 Nov 2018

This Month at Villano | MD: November

Erbium Laser Resurfacing With the holidays fast approaching, you may be considering an effective treatment to rejuvenate and refresh your skin tone and texture. This month’s special, our Erbium Laser Resurfacing, could be the answer you’re looking for. Suitable for the majority of skin types, the Erbium Laser is an ablative skin resurfacing treatment that […]

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19 Oct 2018

This Month at Villano | MD: October

VillanoMD CBE Ferulic Serum on sale until October 31 This Vitamin C,B,E and Ferulic Serum is a comprehensive antioxidant super serum for the skin that combats oxidative damage, boost collagen production, hydates and brightens. This potent vitamin-loaded formula delivers the full scope of antioxidant care and complete skin rejuvenation. Regular Price $125 October Special $95 […]

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31 Aug 2018

This Month at Villano | MD: Annual Event

  Thursday, September 20th: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. At Villano | MD Supporting The Assistance League of Bend   TALKS 10:30 a.m. CoolSculpting – Eliminate Unwanted Fat Permanently 12:oo p.m. Understanding the Facial Aging Process and the Contributing Factors of Skin, Fat and Bone Loss* * Liquid Facelift Demo to follow 2:00 p.m. Facial […]

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