03 Jan 2018
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Dr. Villano Answers Your NovaThreads Questions

Dr. Michael Villano is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Bend, Oregon. Here he answers your questions about NovaThreads.

What will NovaThreads do for my appearance? Where are they placed?

NovaThreads will non-surgically lift and smooth facial skin and promote your body’s own collagen production processes. They can be used to lift a variety of areas, including the brow, midface, lower jowl, and neck. NovaThreads can be applied anywhere on the face and neck where there is crepey-ness or fine wrinkling.

How long is the procedure and what will my recovery time be?

Depending on which areas you choose to lift, this in-office procedure can last from as little as 30 minutes to up to an hour. Only local anesthesia is used, and patients can typically return to work immediately after the procedure. However, we do caution patients to refrain from vigorous exercise for at least 72 hours post-procedure.

What’s the biggest difference between NovaThreads and other threads?

The first thread lifts date back to 1999 when APTOS was introduced by Dr. Sulamanidze. This was followed a few years later by the Contour thread. While revolutionary at the time, these threads were non-absorbable and suffered from the risk of extrusion. They also had to be fixed to the deeper structures of the face which required minor surgery. Because of these risks, Contour threads were pulled from the market in 2007.

Today’s thread technologies have solved these initial problems. NovaThreads are made of polydioxanone (PDO), an absorbable suture material that has been used for many years in cardiothoracic, OB/GYN, plastic, and trauma surgeries. It is proven safe and is both strong and highly elastic. Once placed, PDO is slowly replaced by the collagen generated by one’s own immune system. And because it is hydrophobic, it resists water which helps to minimize swelling post-procedure.

What are the different types of threads that Dr. Villano uses?

Because of their ability to support the extracellular matrix with new collagen, threads not only provide a non-surgical lift but can rejuvenate skin as well. I use three basic types of threads. Barbed threads lift the skin. Smooth threads, which are placed in a cross-hatch fashion under the skin, smooth out sun-damaged skin that can appear anywhere on the face but that is most often seen in the cheeks and neck. And finally, coiled threads stimulate additional collagen production and encourage the body’s skin-rejuvenating processes. Coiled threads are particularly effective in diminishing wrinkles between the eyebrows and around the lips as well as helping to accentuate the Cupid’s bow.

The threads come in varying sizes. I select the appropriate thread or threads depending on a patient’s aesthetic needs and goals. While the larger sizes may be felt in areas where the skin is thinnest, I aim to use a thread size appropriate to the area of concern to minimize any risk of this. And it is important to remember that, as these will ultimately be absorbed, the sensation is transitory and there is no permanent risk involved. The smaller threads are typically not felt. In all cases, I caution my patients on the importance of avoiding vigorous exercise for at least 72 hours post-procedure to protect the integrity of thread placement.

How long will the effects of my lift last?

NovaThreads can last up to one year. PDO usually starts to be replaced by collagen within 4-6 months. I typically recommend a couple of touch-up threads at about 6 months after the initial procedure.

Can NovaThreads be used after a facelift?

Absolutely. I have used threads on patients who have had facelifts but then noticed a small drop in succeeding years. NovaThreads are perfect for those patients who need a little “maintenance tuck” but don’t need a facelift. Another great application is patients who will be considering a facelift in the future but don’t have the time or budget now. A thread lift is a great non-surgical lift that will “buy” them a few years before undergoing a surgical facelift.

Why should I have Dr. Villano perform my thread lift?

With over twenty years’ experience of facelifting surgery and over seven years of non-surgical thread lifting experience, I understand the individual nuances of many different types of faces. It is through this lens of unique experience that I am able to tailor personalized facial rejuvenation with NovaThreads.

Just as importantly, I understand that not all patients will be good candidates for thread lifting. It is important to remember that thread lifting results do not offer the same results as surgery. Reasonable and realistic expectations are key determinants in achieving a successful result.

I have performed thread lifts on patients from 40 years of age to those in their late sixties, and my extensive experience in the field means that I am well versed in assessing the appropriateness of the procedure for each patient and her or his individual needs. And I can definitely state that those patients who are good candidates and who opt for the procedure are very happy with their results.

Dr. Michael Villano is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon with the most non-surgical thread lift and surgical facelift experience in Central Oregon. Contact Dr. Michael Villano for more information about thread lift and facelift services or to schedule your consultation.


Dr. Villano is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Bend, Oregon. He provides surgical and non-surgical enhancements including Botox, microblading, fotofacials, facelifts, nose surgery, cheek augmentation and much more. Schedule your consultation today.


  1. What does this procedure cost?

    1. NovaThread pricing varies depending on each patient’s needs. The price for a NovaThreads procedure begins at just $250 for lips and increases from there depending on the number and type of threads that will be used during the procedure. To obtain an individual quote, please schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Villano. He will discuss with you your unique aesthetic goals and assess how NovaThreads can help you to achieve those goals.

  2. Will this procedure work, or be reasonable to expect great results, on a 70+ year old?

    1. NovaThreads is a minimally invasive “lunch-time” procedure that can lift drooping skin without invasive surgery. To find out if NovaThreads is appropriate to your individual needs, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. Because patients’ facial skin “histories” and types, as well as their aesthetic goals, can differ widely, age alone is not a determining factor in establishing which procedure or procedures will be most appropriate for you personally. A complimentary consultation with Dr. Villano, during which you can discuss your aesthetic goals and develop an appropriate treatment plan, is the best way to establish whether NovaThreads will benefit you. We encourage you to call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation and have all of your questions answered.


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