10 May 2017

Special: Luscious Lashes with Cyndi

Valid through Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 This month we are offering a full set of lash extensions at the regular price of $185, with the addition of a free after-care kit AND a free 2-week touch up—that’s a $45 savings for you!  Let our expert lash technician, Cyndi Williams, amp up your volume with luscious […]

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15 Apr 2017

Villano | MD at Cascade Women’s Expo

Grab your girlfriends and come out to the Riverhouse Convention Center on Saturday, April 22nd for the 2017 Cascade Women’s Expo. Look for the Villano|MD booth where you can learn all about up and coming beauty practices like MicroBlading and Prejuvenation, as well as how to appreciate your own timeless beauty.

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15 Apr 2017

MicroNeedling and the PRP Boost

MicroNeedling creates precise micro-tears that spur your body’s own reparative collagen renewal processes, creating soft, luminous skin. What could be better than a natural and non-invasive “lunchtime” procedure that turns up your youthful glow? The answer? The PRP boost!

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01 Apr 2017
Facial Fillers

All About Facial Fillers

Dermal fillers, also known as soft tissue fillers or simply fillers, are a type of minimally invasive aesthetic injectable that adds volume to the face and defines its contours. The result is a natural-looking, fuller, smoother, and more youthful appearance.

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15 Mar 2017
Prejuvenation for Millennial Men and Women

Millennials Attack Aging with “Prejuvenation”

Millennials are prolonging their youth through “prejuvenation,” a new buzzword describing how the younger generation is engaging in minimally invasive beauty treatments earlier to prevent aging, rather than correct it. Popular treatments include light chemical peels, hyaluronic acid fillers, neurotoxins, and photorejuvenation. Wouldn’t you want to stop that forehead wrinkle before it became noticeable? What […]

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01 Mar 2017
Skincare Bend Oregon

The Skincare Regimen for Retaining Youthful Radiance

Women are constantly on the go. Between rushing the kids to school and getting to work, who has time to devote to a skincare regimen? You do – if you do it right. Experts agree: a proactive beauty regimen can be as simple as it is essential. You breezed through your twenties, glowing with a […]

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15 Feb 2017

Thinking about Rhinoplasty? Know the Basics from Villano MD in Bend

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today.

People may decide to have their nose reshaped for a number of reasons. One may wish to improve its functionality to make breathing better. Someone else may be seeking to remove a bump to straighten her nasal profile or refine the overall shape of her nose.

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