06 Sep 2017
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Beauty from the Neck Up | Eyelid Surgery & Microblading in Bend

Continuing our series on beauty from the neck up where we’ve explored the neck and decollete, the chin and lips, and the nose and cheeks, today’s piece focuses on eyelid surgery and microblading in Bend, Oregon. The so-called windows of the soul, the eyes have the ability to express emotion, vitality, and vibrancy. They are important for connecting with people and making eye contact in meetings and day-to-day life. They also have the ability to express youth.

For this reason, taking good care of your eyes can change the entire visage of your face. Wide, awakened eyes that reveal their true color and sparkle, and eyebrows that artistically arch over them, can go along way in life and business. That’s why many influential men and women are rumored to have worked on their eyelids.

How to Revive and Awaken Your Eyes with Eyelid Surgery & Microblading in Bend

1. Eyelid Surgery Can Return Youth and Vitality to Your Eyes

Over time, eyelids can begin to droop, and lower eyelids can become puffy or baggy. This can cause a perpetually “tired” or “aged” appearance. Severely drooping lids can also lead to obstructed vision, impairing your ability to see well. None of this is akin to putting your best foot forward. For individuals who want to feel more youthful and revived, wide open eyes that don’t look tired or old can drastically change how you feel.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can hide excess or drooping skin above the eyelid to reveal and awaken your eyes. Beneath the eye, eye surgery can lessen fine lines for a bright, smooth look. By removing excess skin and repositioning excess tissue, eyelid surgery restores functionality to your eyelids while providing an aesthetically pleasing look. Eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Villano under local or general anesthesia in typically less than three hours. Recovery time may take a couple of weeks.*

Villano | MD offers eyelid surgery in Bend, Oregon. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

2. Microblading Can Provide Shape and Contouring to Your Eyebrows

Just as important as your eyelids, filling in sparsely defined eyebrows can drastically change the appearance of your eyes. Though eyebrow pencils can provide a temporary solution, microblading can last up to 18 months.* Similar to tattoos, microblading involves implanting ink beneath your skin—just not quite as deeply as a tattoo. By drawing hair-like lines onto your eyebrows, microblading results in shapely filled-in brows.*

To ensure the perfect shade and shape, our microblading aesthetician will draw brows onto your skin and then color match according to your preferences. From there, a preliminary appointment will be scheduled followed by a touch-up session 4-6 weeks later. Results are immediate, with most clients experiencing a slightly stronger color at first that will fade over the following two to three weeks.*

Villano MD is the first medical spa to offer microblading in Bend, Oregon. Our esthetician is certified in the Everlasting Brows technique. Schedule an appointment with Villano | MD to learn more.

*Individual results may vary


Dr. Villano is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Bend, Oregon. He provides surgical and non-surgical enhancements including Botox, microblading, fotofacials, facelifts, nose surgery, cheek augmentation and much more. Schedule your consultation today.

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