17 May 2017
microblading eyebrows at Dr. Villano | MD

What is Microblading? | Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting Perfect Brows

For those of you sick of waking up early to frame your face with brow powders, pomades, and pencils, there is another way. Enter: microblading.

Microblading delivers lasting results with minimal upkeep and grooming required. Microblading uses small, precise strokes to mimic the appearance of real hairs with a specialised pen designed to draw on individual strokes The pigment is deposited under the skin, enabling it to last anywhere from one to two years.

Microblading has skyrocketed in the last year since actress and Disney star Bella Thorne filmed her microblading experience and shared it on Snapchat. Unsurprisingly, the technique’s natural finish and long-term results have many wondering if microblading is right for them.

Who Benefits From Microblading?

Microblading is particularly helpful for anyone with sparse brows due to alopecia, cancer, or simply over-plucking. It’s also a great fit for those who dye their hair, tint their brows, prefer a fuller brow than what they can grow naturally, or just don’t have the time to style their brows every morning. The procedure only takes an hour and is often finished in two visits.

Will It Hurt?

A topical numbing cream is applied to the area before the procedure. During the treatment, there may be minor discomfort equivalent to light scratches on the skin. Some patients compare the experience to getting their brows threaded.

Before Your Procedure

You and your specialist will first discuss what results and shape you’d like to achieve. He or she will then outline your brows to show you a preview of the shape they will work with for the treatment.

Avoid microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliators for 72 hours before the application, including glycolic acid, Retin A, and alpha hydroxy acids, since they may inflame the skin. Likewise, hold off on tweezing or waxing your brows for a few days before your procedure. The extra layer of skin helps your skin to be less sensitive to any irritation or pain during the process.

The Final Word

Whether you prefer them sharply arched, feathered, or full, brows have the power to frame your face and transform your features. Give Villano | MD a call for a free brow consultation from our talented brow experts and leave your favorite microblading advice below.


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