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Smooth Out Your Life
Dysport and Botox

Every time you squint in the direction of the sun or laugh hard enough to crinkle your eyes, you’re wearing wrinkles into your skin. No one can avoid facial expressions. Besides, who would want to? But not everyone wants plastic surgery, either. Dysport and Botox are non-surgical alternatives to smoothing out unwanted lines and creases. Dysport and Botox are FDA-approved methods to smooth and eliminate forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and creases across the neck.


Therapeutic neurotoxins that have been used in wrinkle control therapy for over 10 years.


The treatment series requires no anesthesia.


Require no downtime. Stop in at your lunch break and return to work after.


You may experience slight reddening, bruising and tenderness around the injection sites, which is normal and should subside within a few days.


Periodic touchups are usually required to maintain maximum correction.


Injections are administered to localized areas where wrinkles have formed.


Administered in extremely small doses and does not affect the nerve, so there is no numbness and the muscles related to other expressions are usually unaffected.


Correction generally lasts three to five months.


After several treatments, the effects can last longer; usually six to eight months.


Do not take any medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen during the two weeks preceding the therapy. These medications increase risk of bruising or bleeding at injection sites. Side effects are temporary and localized to the area of injection. Localized pain, tenderness, and/or bruising associated with injection usually pass within the first week. Adjacent muscles may also be weakened because of spreading of the toxin.


Patients who are pregnant or suffer from neuromuscular disorders or cardiovascular disease may not be good candidates for Dysport and Botox. Possible respiratory and cardiovascular complications have been reported in patients with these conditions.


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