03 May 2017

When is the Right Time To Get a Facelift? | Ask a Doctor

This is a question I receive time and time again from patients. The answer, of course, is that choosing when to get a facelift is a highly personal choice, and therefore is a little different for everyone.

Here are a few common factors to consider:


The most common age group seeking facial rejuvenation is between 45 and 65. This is because loss of collagen and elastin accelerates after age 40, sometimes manifesting in a saggy neck or jowls. It typically takes a few years of noticing these changes before a patient begins researching their options and then seeking a surgical consultation.

Women who seek rejuvenation at a younger age will require less dramatic and fewer procedures as they age further, and are better situated to maintain their youthful look. Older women who seek rejuvenation may require adjunct procedures, such as volume enhancement (e.g. fillers) or facial resurfacing (e.g. deep peels, dermabrasion), in addition to facelift surgery to address their facial aging issues.

Sun Damage

Today’s baby-boomers were less likely to have maintained adequate sun protection while they were younger, resulting in a damaged complexion. Getting a good tan was more of a priority and the risks of sun exposure were not as well documented as they are now. Unfortunately, sun exposure ages a face prematurely.


Oftentimes a person seeking a facelift consultation is active and feels youthful, but finds that his or her face doesn’t accurately reflect how they feel inside. Likewise, the sense that one is beginning to look like one’s parents can spur motivation for obtaining facial rejuvenation.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, deciding when the time is right to have a facelift is a very personal decision and the reason why the doctor-patient consultation is such an important collaborative first step. Getting to know your doctor and clarifying your goals and expectations together will help determine what type of facelift would be most beneficial, and when the time is right to consider having a facelift done.

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