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Sydney Everhart, patient care coordinator and certified laser technician at VillanoMD in Bend, Oregon, has over a decade of experience in facial aesthetic technologies and cosmetic surgical assisting.

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Spring 2021

Laser Hair Removal Is the Answer

… to the Bare Skin Question in Bend, Oregon


Spring has sprung, and we’re ready (more than ready!) to get outside and let our skin soak up some rays and warmth. Daytime light is staying with us a little longer each day, and each day the sun shines a little brighter. We know it won’t be long now before the sun is heating us up and slipping us into our favorite short sleeves, short tops, short skirts, short dresses, short shorts, short everything. And, yes, shortest of all, bikinis and swim trunks! In short (sorry, but I had to), now is the time to prep for the long lazy summer fun ahead in Central Oregon and all the bare skin exposure that comes with it.

Did I say bare? Hmmm. What about all those prickly hairs that just won’t be tamed? Summer is great, sure, and so are bikinis, but hair sprouting up where you’d rather it not? That’s not so great. At VillanoMD in beautiful (not to mention very sunny) Bend, Oregon, I’m excited this Spring to be able to offer our clients special savings on the answer to the bare skin conundrum: laser hair removal treatments with the Spectrum Diode Laser Hair Removal System.

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective way to remove unwanted or unsightly hair wherever it crops up on the body. It’s been around since the ‘90s, but today it is more popular than ever before.  Why? Because today’s technology gets the job done, that’s why! Hair removal was once a painful, time-consuming, and ultimately ineffective process. Shaving? Tweezing? Waxing? The hair always grew back, whatever you did. And it still does if you don’t take advantage of today’s amazing technologies. Men and women today reap the benefits of advanced technology and heightened expertise in all things laser.

At VillanoMD, we use the “Mercedes Benz” of laser technology options. The diode laser hair removal system directs highly-concentrated light and heat at the melanin contained in individual hair follicles. There is no plucking or pulling involved. The follicles absorb the light which inhibits hair growth while protecting the surrounding skin from harm. The system is designed to treat an area the size of a quarter in about a second. So even relatively large areas can be addressed at a single appointment.

It’s important to understand, however, that for an optimal outcome a treatment series is recommended. While results can be seen in as little as two sessions, a full course of treatment can mean anywhere from four to 12 sessions depending on the area of the body targeted and your individual skin and hair color. The average number of treatments is typically six to eight to achieve best results. Why is this? Here’s a little body science to help you understand.

Hair grows in cycles. This is true of every hair follicle in every area of our bodies. And within that cycle itself there are four stages: the anagen (growing) phase, the catagen (transition) phase, the telogen (resting) phase, and, finally, the exogen (new hair growth) phase. But, crucially, not all hairs are in the same stage of the cycle at the same time. In fact, we’re kind of a mish-mash when it comes to hair growth. Just like your kids’ activities calendar (or maybe your pup’s? in my case, both!), we’re all on different schedules and in different phases of the cycle, making a quick and pointed “solution” a thing of dreams. And so, targeting and removing each hair in just a single session is all but impossible. Multiple sessions are needed to address your multiple hairs in their multiple stages of the body’s hair growth cycle. We call this a series, and it is a series of treatments that is the only real way to banish those prickly hairs. Stop too soon and inevitably you will see unwanted growth over time no matter how good the results of your initial treatments.

Okay. Science lesson over. Phew.

The good news? This Spring at VillanoMD we’ve got you covered (just, not in hair). (Sorry, too tempting). We’re offering a FREE package of six laser hair removal underarm treatments in conjunction with your purchase of a series of six treatments of any other areas available. Choose from the following options and we’ll include the underarm area, done at the same appointments, absolutely free. Package options to choose from include the back, bikini, chest/abdomen, full face, full legs, lip/chin/sideburns, partial legs (above-the-knee), and upper lip or chin. This special pricing is available through June 30, 2021, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Underarm treatments are to be done at the same visits as purchased package treatments.

Most patients report only slight discomfort during the treatment process, for example, a sensation of “static electricity”; however, for those with more sensitive skin numbing cream can be applied pre-treatment. Post-treatment I advise my clients to treat the area of hair removal as if it were sunburned. I advise lukewarm (not hot) showers or baths with an oatmeal colloid, application of soothing lotions such as aloe, and strict avoidance of sunlight immediately post-treatment to prevent inflammatory reaction and hyperpigmentation of the area of skin under treatment. I also advise a hiatus on use of retinoids or alpha-hydroxy facial formulations for those undergoing treatments on the face. And in between sessions, whatever area is undergoing treatment, be sure to liberally apply your sunblock (at least an SPF 30) to ensure ongoing skin health. That’s a good rule of thumb for any exposed skin, any time!

The sun is powerful. And the draw of sunshine? Maybe even more powerful. My advice? Take advantage of these lengthening Spring days and VillanoMD’s advanced laser hair removal technology to prepare yourself for summertime fun and summertime “shorts” of whatever persuasion. To answer all your questions and address all your skin care concerns, schedule your skin care consultation at VillanoMD by calling 541.312.3223. At VillanoMD, we are proud of Central Oregon’s Timeless Beauties and honored to serve them as experts in all things laser.

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