Facelift Surgery

The last and most pronounced signs of aging occur in the lower face and neck. Gravity depletes youth from the face and makes you appear older than you feel. The underlying muscles in the face and neck weaken and sag, excess fat accumulates in the neck, and jowls, laugh lines and sagging skin form. Because excess skin must be removed to correct these signs of aging, the endoscopic technique is not used.


Traditional facelift surgery (Rhytidectomy) smooths and tightens the skin of the lower face and neck, reduces jowls and tightens the underlying neck muscles. Facelift surgery done as early as the mid-forties can significantly slow the aging process in the lower region of the face.


The procedure is typically performed in our office, usually on an outpatient basis. Rhytidectomy can be performed under local or general anesthesia. With local anesthesia, you’ll be awake during the procedure, but anesthetized and relaxed. The surgery time can vary, depending on the extent of the procedure.

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