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13 Feb 2020

Fractionated Erbium Resurfacing

Fractionated Erbium Resurfacing: Quick and Effective Promoting younger and healthier-looking skin has never been easier thanks to laser resurfacing. The problem? Time. The downtime associated with traditional laser resurfacing can be as much as a week or more, a too-long commitment when you lead a busy life. But not to worry. At VillanoMD in Bend, […]

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01 Jul 2019

The Madonna Eye Lift in Bend, Oregon, at Villano | MD

What Is the Madonna Eye Lift? The Madonna Eye Lift has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last few months.  Search the Internet and you’ll find claims to the effect that it is the latest and greatest in nonsurgical eyelifts.  But do you know what?  At Villano | MD we know that the […]

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