31 Dec 2018

This Month at Villano | MD: January

Are you ready to look 10 years younger?

Do you know you have options?
Welcome to 2019… the year of “YOU”

We are excited to announce that we have managed to convince Dr. Villano to step out of the surgical theater and share with us what options are available to us!

On January 24th, 2019 at Noon & 5:15 p.m. you are invited to hear Dr. Michael Villano, dual board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Dr. Villano specializes in the art of surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation, to reduce the signs of aging and enhance YOUR timeless beauty.

Reservations are required as space is limited.


Product of the month:

The dry climate of the high desert will often lead to dry skin, sadly, dry skin often leads to premature lines and wrinkles. Friends… HYDRATION the key!

Over the Winter months January, February, March we will be unpacking our alter a hydration special!

Recovery Cream:

Retinol in recovery cream helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while ceramides support hydration and smoother skin surface. Recovery cream works with your skin’s own natural recovery process. Helps calm and soothe irritated skin. Helps restore hydration and nourishment to severely dry and dehydrated skin. Recovery cream reinforces the protective barrier of this skin to prevent further dryness.

MAN’S facial

It’s time to bring your man with you into 2019!
Introducing the Man’s Facial!

30 minute treatment which includes brow clean up, cleansing, exfoliation, ultra hydration mask.


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